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The Haunted vicarage of Borgvattnet

I did write about this before in Swedish but i belive it is a good story so write it in English to.

In the old vicarage in Borgvattnet strange things have happened, it has happened in several years and diffrent kind of things.

* During the 1920 the priest Nils Hedlund went to the attic to get his laundry, when he comes up the laundry is torn down from the line.

* The priest Rudolf Tängdén was sitting in the vicarage during the 1930´s when he saw a woman dressed in grey who enterd a room, Rudolf then got up and follow the woman in the room to se what she wanted, but when he enterd the room no one was there.

* The priest Otto Lindgren and his wife heard during the end of 1930´s steps in the hall and also heard music just like someone was playing on the element in the hall.

* In the early 1940´s a woman named Inga Flodin spent the night in the vicarage, during the night she woke up and feelt like someone was watching her. Against a wall there is a sofa whit three women who appeard to be crying.
The sofa wasn´t there in when Inga went to bed, and not when she woke up.

* In the end of the 1940´s the priest Erik Lindgren moves in to the vicarage, when he is unpacking his things he decides to relax and read a book, he takes the book and sits down in the rocking chair.
Suddenly he got thrown out of the rocking chair, when it tips forwards.
He then sits down again and then a huge force enters his body.

To this storys from the guest that has been staying in the vicarage through the years.

One couple on their way down the stairs when a invisible force grabs the arm of the man and drags him down the stairs and out on the yard where the force lets go of the mans arm the couple never took a step in the vicarage after that, they sleept in a tent on the lawn

People has been wooken up by a cold hand being placed on their forhead.

Many diffrent guests has spoken about sound, steps and other unexpliend in the vicarage.

Here you could read about the experience of the priests and Here about the visitors experience. both links are in Swedish

There is a couple of theroies regarding the ghosts.

* One teori is that a maid that worked in the vicarage had become pregnant and in pure desperation she killed the child and burried it next to the house.

* Another teori is that is the wife of priest Per Hedlund, Märta Hedlund who died giving birth to the couples 11(!) child.
She was also the mother of priest Nils Hedlund
Her husband, Per, should have gotten his wife from the mourge and keept her at home, untill the people in the village demanded that she would be burried, it is also said that when Per moved he dugg up Märtas remains and toke them whit him.

One intressting thing is that the one that first noticed the unexplaind in the vicarage was Nils Hedlund, Märtas son.


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Thanks to and for many of the visitors 🙂

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