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Do you play wow?

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On the 18th of Januari 1980 the tanker Star Clipper where trafficin Sweden and on this day the weather where cloudy and it was early morning.

If you where out driving you couldn´t se more than 5-10 meters infront of you even if you used the headlights.

Then 01:30 Star Clipper hits the structure that holds the bridge up.

About 300 meter of the bridge feell down in the water and on the ship, the ships radio was demolished and there where no way to call for help.

Seven weichels falled to the sea since they couldn´t notice that the bridge where missing. Eight people died.

But Star Clipper didn´t have any chance to call for help by radio, so they started to send up emergencyfireworks to warn other drivers.

The new bridge was finished in November 1981

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He did rule Germany

Joseph Goebbels was the man who in reality where running Germany, even if Hitler had the last word. But since Hitler was bored whit paperwork he left them for Goebbels.
When Goebbels in 1943 asked the question ”Do you want the ultimate war?” infront of 15 000 chosen guests, the answer was a high and loud ”YES” and it where used very much and good by Goebbels in a way to turn the feelings of disaster in the war that had arissed at the German people.
One of the most famous quotes of Goebbels is ”If you tell a big lie often, people will start to belive it.” He used it so much that he seems to have fooled him self. On the day after Hitlers suicide the 30 of april 1945 Goebbles had his children killed, then he and his wife commited suicide.

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Warhero, wasn´t a warhero

In more than sexity years was the american Howad Manoian known as the warhero from the second world war. He claimed to be a part of the parachutjumpers which often vent infront of the others, as in the landing in Normandie 1944.

Manoian was speaking very much about what he what he had done, and was very willing to show his war injuries. He is saying to have been hit by bullets from a german machinegun in the left hand and both legs, and the also beeing injured when a german airplane was shooting at the fieldhospital where he was staying.

But his stories where fake, its revealed by a american newspapper, after the 84 year old Manoian was given the legion of honor, the highest and finest award in France for bravery in battle.

Manoian where acctually serving at a military dumpsite far away from the frontline. He got his stories from Hollywood movies.
In the village of Chef-du-pont where Manoian settled down after the war in 1945, his name will be removed from the museum and the medal of honor will be retaken.

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