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Pearl Harbor day

During the second world war Japan wanted to extened their empire and the Us wanted to stay neutral in the conflict, it all ended on the 7th of December 1940 when Japan attacked USA at Pearl Harbor.

It was a peacefull Sunday morning, 7 December 1941, the U.S. Pacific Fleet crews still in their beds and sleeping on the naval base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, when their sleep is beeing interrupted by the numerous explosions.

Several waves of Japanese airplanes has descended upon the camp and released their bombs and torpedos and turns the site to a graveyard in just a few hours.

Over 2,500 Americans lost their lifes in the attack, which was meant to prevent US to interfeer in Japans plans to conquer an empire in Asia.

The battle lasted for over three years but the Japanese soon found themself in trouble since they had underestimated their opponent.

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Walter Short

The american general in charge of the defence at Pearl Harbour was Walter Short, He was put on trial for his failure of beating back the japanese attackers and was on the 17th of November 1941 removed from his post as general. Two months later he left the armed forces of america and started working at a car factory. He died in 1949.

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Chuichi Nagumo

Nagumo had the command over the japanese navy during the Pearl Harbor and was responsibility for the desicion not to follow up the attacks whit a third. Afther Pearl Harbor he won over the british fleet in the indish ocean, but in june 1942 he got defetaed by the americans at Midway.
Nagumo commited suicide on the 6th of July 1944, not the traditional japanese way, he shot himself whit a gun.

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Japanese Submarine solves the question of Pearl Harbor

Historians claims to have found an Japanese submarine that would have taken part in the attack against the american navalbase Pearl Harbor in 1941.

It was not only Japanese airplanes that sank parts of the american navy, one american historian is convinced that he has found the remains of a Japanese minisubmarine that did sink at least one american warship. Acording to experts the finding could solve the question that researchers has been fighting for about 70 years. The 24 meter long submarine was found about 5 kilometers from Pearl Harbour, historians have long known that five japanese minisubmarines was a part of the attack. Four of them where destoryed before they was abale to fire their torpedos while the fifth submarine did survive and its destiny was for long unkown. When divers sent pictures of a submarine that he had found on the bottom of the sea to historian Parks Stephensson, Parks become convinced that it must the fifth submarine that had been found.

As soon as i saw the bow, whit the special wire, i knew we had found the fifth submarine

says Stephenson.
Historians claims to have found evidence that the submarine managed to fire its both 400 kilo torpedos and destroy the battleship USS Oklahoma.

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Great Britain was planing to attack Japan whit poisongas

In newly release documents its revealed that the brittish was going to use chemical weapon against Tokyo during the second world war. The losses of civilains would crush the figthing moral of the Japanese.

The year before USA droped the great bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the Great Britain where planing to use poisongas to attack Tokyo. The information where recently published in dokuments from the british goverment in 1944.

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