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Gaddafis gold treasure lost

The priceless treasures disappeared in the middle of a raging civil war.
It was seen first as part of the revolt against Gaddafi – but now experts have doubts:
– It is one of the largest thefts in history, archeology, said the Libyan archaeologist Hafed Walada.
They are called ”Benghazis riches”, Collection of 7700 gold, silver and bronze coins from Alexander the Great’s time, which until recently has been stored in an underground vault in the national commercial bank in Benghazi.
But the tax has disappeared after unknown robbers drilled into the concrete roof of the vault, writes the Sunday Times.
May have been an inside job
The first was considered to be part of the revolt against Muammar Gaddafi has now got the experts to hesitate.
– It may well have been an inside job. The tax has been there for many years and few people knew about it. Robbers ignored even in cash that was
in the vault, said the Libyan archaeologist Hafed Walada.

Together with a collection of over 2300 years old coins disappeared many other historical items, figurines, glass, bronze and ivory as well as gems and jewelry.
Since the theft, which occurred in March, has antique gold coins regularly appeared on Benghazis gold market and in Egypt tried a peasant to smuggle 503 coins that may have come from the collection through the port of Alexandria, writes the Daily Telegraph.

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Are you in need of some extra money?

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Make money online?

Are you one of those who want to earn some extra but do not want to take an extra job?
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Do you like gambling?

For many years ago you had to go to the casino to play these games, today you can very easy play them from home, whitout ever leaving your home. But there is always a risk while using money on the internet, is the site legit or not, so why not use a site who lists and reviewws casinos and gives you information if the site is reliable or not. I myself have sometimes used online gambling in a effort to recive some extra money on the side of my job, so far i haven´t become a milionare based on it, but i have earned some extra money by using thier site to guide me around the jungle that is gambling online.
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Dillinger was gunned down

John Dillinger is maybe the most famous person that FBI have chased, Dillingers crimetime started in 1933 when he is put in jail for a bankrobbery but is freed by four of his friends, FBI gets the job to track these persons meanwhile Dillinger continues to rob banks and killing policemen.
1934 is he arrested again, but while he awaits his verdict he uses a fake gun to threathen himself out, he steals two machineguns and escapes in the sheriffs car. When he croses the countyline in a stolen car, the case is turned over to the FBI. FBI is close to capture Dillinger several times but he escapes unseen or escapes in a rain of bullet. Hoover puts the agents Cowley and Purvis on the case, and on the 21th of July 1934 has Dillinger luck run out.
FBI recives a tip that Dillinger would attain a movietheater and the agents forms a wall outside the movietheater, When Dillinger leaves the theater Purvis points him out. Dillinger discovers them and reaches for his revolver, but then it is to late. Dillinger is hit by three shots and is killed, and FBI wins the battle whit the last great gangster.

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What happened to : Rosa Parks

Rosa Park started an uprising against the laws in the souther in of USA to prevent racim, One day in 1955 she refused to move from her seat on a buss in favour for a white passenger. It was a crime and she was arrested, the arrest started a boycott which lasted over a year, it also lead to protests and forced the southstates to remove the the racial laws. Parks where released but fined 10 dollars and lost her job, she then found work as a tailor. She died of natural causes in 2005.

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What happend on the 22 of May?

Today for 17 years ago Johnny Carson broadcasted his last ”Tonight Show” after 30 years on NBC

He become host of the tonight show on the second of october 1962 and his first guest was Groucho Marx.

After Carson´s retirement on the 22nd of May 1992 the NBC had promised the job to David Letterman, an old friend of Carson, but instead give it to Jay Leno, today Leno and Letterman is having a show each, Leno on NBC and Letterman on CBS.

Johnny Carson died on 23 of January 2005

Todays birthday is

George Remi born 22 of may 1907 in Etterbeek, Brussel, dead 3 of mars 1983 in Brussel.

George Remi is best known as the creator of the stories about the young jounarlist Tintin and his friends.

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