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Rodney King dead

Rodney King become famous after a brutal abuse by the Los Angeles police in 1991, the Rodney King affair was the start of the biggest riots Los Angeles ever seen in 1992.

It´s been said that Rodney King was found by his fiance in a swimmingpool.

It was on the 3rd of March 1991 that Rodney King, then 25 years was stopped by a police squad, King, who was on leave from the prison was brutaly abused by several police officers whit their nightsticks.

The event was captured by a amature cameraman, and was later released around the world, disgust and despair, many people around the world lost their fate in justice.

Just about a year later the police officer was found not guilty by the court, the verdict turned to a violent riot where more then 50 persons lost their life and property for over a billion dollar was destroyed.

Rodney king was 47 years old


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30 June 1520

The last king of the Aztecs Montezuma dies. It is unclear if the king where strangled by the spanish or if he was killed by his own men.
He was the last king of the Astecs.

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Constructioncrew did find weapons

In King Williams town in South Africa have construction workers found several thousand burried weapons. Experts belives that the swords, rifels that have been found was placed there by the British shortly after the boerwar in 1902

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Ormen långe took part in the battle of Svolder

If you are to belive the Icelandic writer Snorre Sturlasson the Ormen Långe has played a big part of the Scandinavian history. In his work ”Heimskringla” he says that Ormen Långe was the biggest ship that ever was built. Acording to estimations made in later years the ship was about 50 meters long and had a crew about 130 men.
He also writes about the ships owner the norwegian king Olav Tryggvason. King Olav had himself baptised in England and worked for the baptism of Norway. He was succesfull until he insulted Sigrid Storråda of Sweden ( widow of the Swedish king) when she refused to become baptised. Sigfrid wanted revenge and got help from her new husband Sven Tveskägg that where king of Denmark, and her son the Swedish king Olof Skötkonung and the Norwegian man Eirik Håkonsen.
Olav Tryggvason was on his way home whit Ormen Långe when his enemys turned up along Svolder (close to Rügen). It become a big seabattle, that would taken part around year 1000, the norweigans showed great effort even if they where outnumbred. When king Olav thoungt alongside the archer Einar Tambaskjelves side and the bow broke, Olav asked what had happened, and the answer where ”Norway just left your hands my king” Shortly after Olav relaised that the fight was over, through himself in to the sea and drowned, acording to Snorre Sturlasson.

Annonser från BloggPartner

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Sigismund had twelve children

The marriage between Sigismund and his wife Anna of Habsburg-Steiermark was arranged it seems to have worked very well, they got five children but only one survived seven years (Vladislav) during the birth of the fifth child (Kristoffer) Anna died at the age of 25.
Sigismund then remarried her sister Konstantia, Vladislav (1595-1648) did succed his father as polish king when the father died in 1632, Vladislav was married many times, but didn´t get any children. When Vladimir died his halfbrother Johan Kasimir (1609-72) become the king.
Johan Kasimir where the second child to Sigismund (the first child died young), they did get seven children.
As a king Johan II Kasimir where fighting against Karl X Gustav and whe peace where arragend in Oliva 1660 he was forced to resign from the throne. He hadn´t any children and become the last of king of the Vasa dynasty on the polish throne.

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Robespierre´s part in the revultion

The power of France where taken by people that wanted to remake the country.
The foreign troups had to be beaten before that.
The armydraft where introduce to make more soldiers, by making all men guilty of having to serve the army.

The Army´s in France where quickly growing since all men was forced to join the army. And whit them the forigen forces where easy to conquer.

The leader of was Robespierre who become a dictator.
He was sure he thought he was fighting for what was right, he even killed people that didn´t think like him since he thought he had the right to do that.

King Ludvig XVI was one of the first that Robespierre executed since he had been pointed out to have trying to crush the uprising. On a rainy winterday 1793 the king Ludvig XVI was executed.
After his death more than 40 000 people was killed. When two years had passed the people had become tired of blood and killings, it all ended whit Robespierre beeing killed by one of his former helpers.

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What was Bastilij´s part of the revulotion?

Bastilj was the royal prison in the middle of Paris, the prison was extremly hated by the people.
When the people demanded fair votingrules the king didn´t agree to their demands.
They wanted to remove the old way of voting that had been for many hundreds of years.

The people decided to form a own goverment togehter whit a couple of priests and lords that had turned to their side.
It got the name ”nationalgathering”
Every one that was a part, toke a oth that never beeing seperated untill the king had agreed to the new law, which would have rules more fair about hosFrance would be run.
At last the king had to accept their demands.

News traveled fast in Paris that there where an uprising in the goverment, but no one thougnt that the king would leave the power by own freewill.

Then the king sent armed forces to Paris, in a effort to keep order, then the city exploded.
Workes where gatherd on the streets to support the new goverment fight against the king.

Then Bastilj where stormed in a hunt for weapons, the high comander in the prison where stabbed to death, then a unemployd cook got the privelege to remove his head from the body, the head where then moved through Paris on a stick in triumf.

The king where very much afraid about the storming, so he had his troups removed and his henchmen was fleeing the city.

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The revulotion starts

When the king realised that he coulnd´t press the farmers on more treasure he even tried whit the ”higher” people like the priests, but they didn´t not want to pay of course, so they said that the king couldn´t decide that whitout calling the goverment.

The king has to ask the goverment for permit to include the ”higher” people in the tax system, something that havet happend in 175 years, so of course it was very embarising for the king.
During the meting whit the goverment they started to argue about votingrules instead of giving him permit to allowing his new rules.

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FBI was listening to King having sex

Acording to newley released documents the FBI had surveliance on Doctor Martin Luther King, acording to the documents after a wild party, King was taped having sex whit an unidentified woman.

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