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Letters to the pope in new book

One letter from 1200th century where Djingis Khans grandson demands that the pope will give in for the mongols is showed in the new book ”The Vatican Secret Archives”. Among the letters is also a letter from 1550, where Michelangleo reminds the pope that he still awaits payment for one of his paintings. Another document is from 1863 where Jefferson Davis (President of the south states in the american civil war) says that the ongoing war in USA is because ”the agression of the northern states”. Of 105 letters in the book 19 has never been shown before.


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Who cut of Van Goghs ear?

Two german historians belives they have found proof that the famous artist Paul Gaugin, cut the ear of Vincent Van Gogh.
So far the version has been that Van Gogh cut his ear of whit a razor after one of his breakdowns.

Acording to Hans Kaufmann and Rita Wildegan that has been researching in the case of Van Gogh during ten years, the two artists was figting when Gaugin wanted to leave their studio in France.
After the mutilation they agreed to hide the truth about the fight.

Van Gogh wrote in a letter to Gaugin shortly after the incident:
”I am not telling a living soul about it, and so will you”.

Beskriv en singelkompis och bli en matchmaker!

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How did Claudius Eutychus die?

Do you like the old Roman mysterys?
Then perhaps this one is for you.
The buisnessman Claudius Eutychus has been found dead in his home, his mouth is black, his clothes is bloody.

You can investigate many clues in the room, a bloody scalpell, a sleeping dog, a letter of buissnes.

The eyewittneses is eager to tell you what they seen, but is they talking the truth?


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Wanted to test his friends, aranged his own funeral

Almost everyone has sometime wanted to test their friends, to se who is standing by your side in the worst case scenario.

45 year old Amir Vehabovic from Bosnia come up whit the perfect way, he aranged his own funeral, just to se how many and who that would appear.

He had planed the event very closley. He spread out the rumor about his death, put in a obituary in the local paper and posted invitations to 45 of his friends. When the day of his funeral approaced he hide behind a bush to se the friends arrive.

Of the 45 that where invited, there where only one that arrived….. his old mother.

Vehabovic has been quoting saying

– I am very angry, it costed me alot of money to buy false pappers on my passing, and bribing the undertakers to deliver an empty casket.

Now the 44 funeralvisitors that didn´t come, have a angry letter from a dissapointed Vehabovic in their mailbox soon.

– I had belived that more of you would have turned up, this only shows you can trust no one

is part of the letter.

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