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Joe Paterno dead

Joseph Vincent “Joe” Paterno has died, he was born on December 21st 1926 and died on January 22nd 2012. Joe Paterno was an American college football coach and the head coach of Penn state Nittany Lions for 46 years 1966-2011. Nicknamed “JoePa”, he holds the record for the most victories for a NCCA Division 1 football Bowl Subdivisio (fsb) football coach whit 409 victories.

He has coached five undefeated teams that have won major bowl games and Joe Paterno was in 2007 inducted to the College Football Hall of Fame as a coach.

The 79 year old Paterno suffered a fractured shin bone and damage to the knee ligaments in November 2006 when he was involved in a sideline collision during a game against Wisconsin.

In November 2008 Joe Paterno had a successful hip replacement surger after he sparined his leg during the offseason.

During August 2011 he was injured again when he collided whit a player druing practies.

In November 2011, his son Scott Paterno reported that his father had a treatable form of Lung cancer, on January 13th 2012 Joe Paterno was hospitalized in State collage for complications relating to his cancer treatment and he reamined there for nine days before he died on January 22nd.

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