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Swedish researchers: Snowman found in Siberia

The myth of a three-meter long, covered with hair creature popularly known as Bigfoot or Yeti can be more than an exciting story. Two of the world’s most reputable newspaper reports that Swedish researchers have found him in Siberia.

Since the 1800s, stories have flourished on a large creature that stresses around the forests in the U.S. and Canada. The creature called everything from Bigfoot to Bigfoot and Sasquatch.

At the same time the rumor of a close relative of this beast. It is the ape-like yeti, or yeti, which is rumored to be in Tibet and on top of the Himalayas.

Periodically, people have claimed that they have met on these mythical creatures. Some claim to have been abducted by the animal, others that have caught a glimpse of him or found his footprints in the woods. But the world of science has long dismissed the stories as mere tales.

But now the yeti-fans had a field day. After the local population in Kemerovoregionen in Russia raised the alarm that have seen an ape-like creature on the Russian tundra took the Canadian and Swedish researchers to the site.

The researchers could find hair, footprints and a bed that they believe belong to an animal that looks like a Bigfoot or a Yeti. During a seminar afterwards said the scientists up to 95 percent certain that such a creature actually exists, writing both The Times and The Guardian.

But the researchers’ discovery has been criticized. The hårfynd found has not yet been investigated.

Loren Coleman, of the international crypto-zoological museum in Portland Maine, can not see any major difference between scientists’ discoveries and the discoveries that lay people on holiday excursions are doing in North America.

– They will find hair of an unidentified origin, and say it’s Bigfoot hair, find any broken branches and says it was made by Bigfoot, and found footprints that they say looks like Sasquatch tracks, he tells The Huffington Post.

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