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html email link

You could use the php html email link if you run a php site, but if you use a html site it would be much better to use the html email link

< a href="">Email Home< /a>

It looks like a ordinary link, just that it goes to a mail adress instead of a homepage.

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php html email

When using your own webpage, it could be good to use a contact form, by whitch visitors can contact you.

It´s very easy to do and use

< ? php $txt = "First line of text\nSecond line of text"; // Use wordwrap() if lines are longer than 70 characters $txt = wordwrap($txt,70); // Send email mail("","My subject",$txt); ?>

This is the basic of the php html email code, you could of course change it after your like and needs.

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The Goverment wants to read your mail

The american goverment wants to expand their intelligence community´s oversight of emails and social networks. They also wants to have the capability to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages, as the Authorities argue that extremists and criminals are increasingly using the internet to communicate whit each other instead of using phones.

Members of the White House, Justice Department, National Security Agency, FBI and other agencies have been meeting in the recent months trying to imforce the new proposal.

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Blacklisted Bloggerwave SCAM

UPDATED 2010-07-23
No Answer

UPDATED 2011-01-28
No Answer on the previous mail, but today i recived message that my blogposts where rejected. Whell that might not bee so odd since they haden´t been approved or denied for over 2 years, and i deleted them all when i wrote this post (2010-01-21) so if you care about serious companies and support, STAY AWAY FROM BLOGGERWAVE, IT´S SCAM

When you are using comercials in a effort to earn some money you also will find some sites that is not holding what it promises. One of them is so far i have gotten 2 posts accepted and earnt $1.45 and 8 pending posts, worth $1.66, last post accepted where April 28 2009, more than one year ago. Last time i used the site was Nov 12 2009. I have now contacted and is awaiting answer (mail found by google) since they are not answering on their page.

I will update this post on how it goes…

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10 000 Hotmail accounts is beeing closed

Acordning to several news sites, a list whit over 10 000 hotmail accounts and passwords is on the loose and is spreading across internet.

Microsoft closed down thousands of mail accounts on monday since hackers got hold of the username and password.

– We have taken messures to block acces to these accounts that have been attacked and we also have resources to help the users retake their accounts”

Microsoft also makes it clear it wasn´t a hack attack against their servers
Accounts on and is said to be on the list

Those who got the information used scam pages and the user gave out their information on the wrong pages, or have opened attachments and clicking on links from both known and unknown senders.

People that uses Hotmail, msn or live, should change their passwords, just in case.


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