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Jim Reeves (August 20, 1923 – July 31, 1964)

He had hits like ”I Love you because”, ”Mexican Joe”, ”Bimbo”.

Reeves had not only opened the door to wider acceptance for other country singers, but also helped usher in a new style of country music, using violins and lusher background arrangements soon called the Nashville Sound.

On the 31 of July 1964, Reeves and his partner Dean Manuel took off from Bateville Arkansas on their way by a single engine Beechcraft Debonair airplane to Nashville. Reeves was the one behind the controlls.

Suddenly when they fly over Brentwood Tennessee they meet a violent thunderstorm and the pilot where disoriented.
It has been belived that he flew the plane upside down and assumed that he was increasing altitude to clear the storm.
The plane dissaperd from the radarscreens around 5.00 pm radio contact was also lost.
About 42 hours later the wreckage was found, the engine and nose were buried in the ground from the impact. The crash site where in a wooded area North North East of Brentwood.

During the morning of 2nd of August 1964 the bodies of Reeves and Manuel were found in the wreckage. At 1.00 pm the same day, radio stations across USA annonced the death of Jim Reeves, and thousands of people wouldn´t belive their ears, thousands turned out to pay their last respects on the 4th of august when the funeral took place, the coffin where draped in flowers from fans and was driven through the streests of Nashville to Reeves resting place near Carthage Texas.

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