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Robispierre was hit by a bullet in the courthouse

On the 14th of July 1789 an angry mob attacked the courthouse in Paris. The mayor Jacques de Flesselles tried to defend himself against the claims of royal sympaties but was shot on the stairs infront of the building.
Five years later, 1794 Robiespierre was seeking protection in the courthouse after the deathsentence against him had been singed, as he was marked as ”criminal against the state” Robbiespeirre was shot, or trying to commit suicide, despite what happned his jaw was seperated by the shot, Robiespierre survived but was killed in the giljotine the next day. The courthose burnt down in 1871 and toghether whit the courthouse almost every official document of the revulotion. A copy of Hôtel de Ville was built and it was finished in 1892.

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The Schweizergard where guned down

In oktober 1789 Ludvig XVI forced his parlament to leave the castle Versailles outside Paris. The royalfamily where put in housearrest in the Tuileriepalace, the west of Louvren. In Paris there where rumors that Ludvig XVI where going to betray France and on the 10th of August 1792 an angry mob attacked the Tuileriepalace to overthrow the king.
Even the army turned against Ludvig XVI who in panic could see armed citizens marching against the palace. It was only the kings own army that remained faithfull, about 950 soldiers from the Schweizergard, they paid whit their lifes. Everyone of them died infront or inside Tuileierna while the king where searching for cover in the building. The attack marked the end of the monarky, The palace dosen´t exists anymore, it burnt down in 1871

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The boss that disaperd

On the morning of the 30 of July 1975 Jimmy Hoffa kissed his wife Josephine goodbye and promised to be home in time for dinner. He was going to a meeting whit two members of the mob.

But Hoffa never returned from the meeting. the two men he was supposed to have meet denied that such a meeting even had been planed. When such a big person as Hoffa vanishes rumors are starting to spread, one rumor was that he had gone to Brazil whit a nude dancer, Another theroy was that he had escaped to Mexico to make a sex change. The most likley theory is that Hoffa was murderd, but no body has ever been found. But there is some theories that is using the possibility that Hoffa was killed, it contains everythign from that his body had been chopped down and dropped in a swamp of alligators in Florida to the rumor that Hoffa is burried beneth New York Giants fotbollstadium (which Mythbusters tried and found most likely false) that where in the building fase when Hoffa dissaperd.

Even today new theorys about Hoffa´s dissaperence is beeing presented, but nothing has been so good that it could hold in court or show researchers to his remains.

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