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Update your iPhone 3G to a 4.0

Iphones new operating system iOS4 is here. Can be downloaded on the iPhone 3G.

In Sweden there are about half a million iPhone users. For those with the latter model 3G and 3G is now awaiting a common task: to download iOS4. Last night was released namely the update to the iPhone operating system.

The update is done by plugging the iPhone into your computer via USB and turn on iTunes. To update to work you must have a model 3G or 3G and the latest iTunes download. Then you simply push update in iTunes on your computer. About 20 minutes later, the iPhone is updated.

There are two new features that make the update worthwhile; multitasking and folders.

Anyone who has a lot of apps know it can be difficult to navigate. Now you can organize themselves by, for example, have all the games in a folder. A folder can contain up to 12 apps.

The update also means that those who have 3G can be running multiple applications at once, so-called multitasking. But it requires the app provider update their apps to 4.0

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Earn money whit Sponsoredreviews

If you have a blog, even one of the free ones like blogger, you can earn cash online by writing sponsored reviews of other people’s blogs and websites. It is a challenge to the depth and width of your writing skills, and you may not get rich doing it. You can still earn money from this business model.Sponsored reviews were actually started by PayPerPost and soon others were using the model. The idea is to simply write something complimentary about a product or service on another website, providing links to the website in the process. A refining of this process has taken place as well. As this model has evolved, it means you can write something generally related to the topic at hand and provide the links to the paying sponsor, but you don’t have to say wonderful things about the product or service.Once your spiel is written and approved by the broker, you will be paid a small token for your editorial skills and your work submitted. Although this model can help you to earn cash online, there are a limited number of brokers and jobs can be few and far between. Sponsored reviews, reviewme, and blogvertise are three of the top brokers for this type of business. If you want to pursue this model with any seriousness, you will have to register for more than one of them.The FTC, in the USA has recently come out in strong opposition to this type of hidden endorsement and marketers and bloggers are now on warning about the risks of not revealing their paid endorsement status. This makes sense, but there are simple ways around this rule. If you are endorsing something, why hide it? If you don’t feel you should endorse a product or service, don’t do it just for the money. There are just too many ways to earn cash online today, to skirt the boundaries of ethics and the law.

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Found : Jesus Great Grandmother

Acording to medieval legends Ismeria was a decendent from King David, and was the grandmonther of virgin Mary.

It´s all about medieval manuscripts, that the story of Jesus grandmother is found, The legend of St Ismeria is likely to have served as a role model for women during the middleage, It also marks a shift in beliefs.

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