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Pearl Harbor day

During the second world war Japan wanted to extened their empire and the Us wanted to stay neutral in the conflict, it all ended on the 7th of December 1940 when Japan attacked USA at Pearl Harbor.

It was a peacefull Sunday morning, 7 December 1941, the U.S. Pacific Fleet crews still in their beds and sleeping on the naval base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, when their sleep is beeing interrupted by the numerous explosions.

Several waves of Japanese airplanes has descended upon the camp and released their bombs and torpedos and turns the site to a graveyard in just a few hours.

Over 2,500 Americans lost their lifes in the attack, which was meant to prevent US to interfeer in Japans plans to conquer an empire in Asia.

The battle lasted for over three years but the Japanese soon found themself in trouble since they had underestimated their opponent.

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Pearl Harbour

Its early sundaymorning the 7th of December 1941 when the Japanese Zeroplanes on low heigt flys in over the coast of Hawaii.
Their destination is Peral Harbor, their target is to sink the amerikan navy in the pacific.
When the planes attacks the suprise is total against the recently awakened navy and in a few minutes the pleasant atmosfear is turned into a burning and exploding inferno.
The pilots and childhoodfriends Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker desperatly tries to take off whit their planes to make a counterattack.
Evelyn Stewart the nurse that both pilots are in love whit , desperatly tries to take care of the wounded soldiers, at the same time the second attack strickes whit full force.

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