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What happened after : Bonanza (Bröderna Cartwright, The Cartwright brothers)

It was a western series made in 1959 by David Dortort and Fred Hamilton, starring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Pernell Roberts

The serie was about the father Ben (Lorne Greene) and his three sons Adam (Pernell Roberts) , Eric a.k.a ”Hoss” (Dan Blocker) and Joseph aka ”Little Joe” (Michael Landon) that together where fighting unjustice in their county.

The series was aired from September 12 1959 – January 16 1973

Pernell Roberts (Adam) left the series in 1964 after disputes whit the writers and producers.

In Late 1972 ”Hoss” (Dan Blocker) was undergoing surgery, when he encounterd a post-op blood-clot and died. Dan Blocker where only 44 years old
Dan Blocker on findagrave

On the 11 of September 1987 Lorne Greene past away due to complications from prostatcancer, seventyseven years old.
Lorne Greene on findagrave

In the begning of 1991 Michael Landon was diagnosed whit cancer, he apperaed on tv programs and in newspappers talking about his disease and in July 1991 Michael Landon passed away from cancer at the age of 54.
Michael Landon on Findagrave

The only one that lives today of the cast is Pernell Roberts.

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