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Chicago vacation rentals

Have you ever wanted to go to Chicago but havent been able to find any good chicago vacation rentals?

One question you have to ask yourself is how much money you want to spend on your living quarter for the time you are spending, would you like to go cheap and spend money on seightseeing or do you want to live in a bit of luxury? There are places for everyone and to small prices.
Location of the place where you want to live is also important, is it close to the city, the seightseeings you want to visit, does it fit your purpose whit the visit?

Its not hard to find good vacation rental in chicago but of course you need to look around a bit before finding the good parts.

So why not go for vacation rentals chicago today?

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Girls where sacrifised for a good harvest

About 33 mumies has been found close to Chichlayo in Peru, 30 of the remains is from young girls in the age 9-15 that had gotten their throats cut, probably a part of a ritual to have a good harvest.
Executions in religous purpose where very common in the Ands before the Spanish conquest, but that much sacrifised persons hasn´t been found in the same place before.
It wasn´t very common that young girls very sacrifised either in these rituals.

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Historical Ship got sunk

A copy ot a ship that during the 1400:s sailed around whit the Chinese amiral Zheng He on his journeys of discovery has sank outside the coast of Taiwan.
The ship had been on a 10 months long journey from China to the US and back again when it collided whit a cargoship.
The purpose of the trip to US where to show that there where possibly for Zheng He to travel to US.
Several historians is claiming that the Chinese arrived to the US before the Europeans, since there has been findings of Chinese ancahors at the bottom of the Ocean.

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