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London Olympics 2012 and Groundbreaking Technology

The recently concluded London Olympics 2012 had some groundbreaking technology yet to be discovered, just in case you missed the points. The first thing you will notice with this game is that, it had many followers than the other Olympic Games, as many people wanted to see the performance of these teams while in the field. Thanks to technology, almost everyone in the globe was able to view and watch the games as they happen live, and never had to wait for the news, as they would be having the news right away. Here are a few reasons why we say that the Olympics had some mind blowing follow up than any other events in the world.
The first reason why many people would watch the games as they happen is that most of the television sets have been digitalized. This means that, with a little subscription plan for the games, people would make it to watching the games as they happened. Thanks to super sport, the main games and other field-activity television channel, people from across the globe were able to watch and support the teams as they played. These live games were made a possibility in this television sets simply because they use satellite technology to broadcast their feed to customers. With this technology, many people are able to receive crystalclear connections in their ends.
The other reason why the London Olympics 2012 had a groundbreaking technology is the fact that it was followed up by people online, and many people were talking about the same in social sites and blogs. This means that technology and the internet in particular have taken to another level in making sure that people are informed on what is happening across the globe. The number of people watching the live events as they happened online, in YouTube and other video streaming sites was amazing, with as many as over 1000 hits on the hour in single events. This means that many people were actively watching closely how their teams were performing in these events. With most of the people viewing these videos in their computers both at work and at home, it really made a great significance on the world of technology, as you cannot get liv feeds for whatever you want from many of these events.
With many people using smart phones in our dire age and time, it has become very clear that, mobile telephony will soon be taking over technology, as most of the activities are being undertaken via mobile phones. With the smart phones supporting live video streaming, reports are that the number of video views on the 2012 Olympics via mobile phones are more than the number of views in personal computers. We all know what this means. Most of the smartphones can access the internet at amazing speeds and can support video streaming of events as they happen. This is the reason why many people would watch the events with their mobile phones, and would use them while on the move, or in classes as for students.
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