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Duke Nukem Forever pc

The long anticipated follow up on the well received Duke Nukem 3D seems to have at last hit the shelves this last week and people everywhere you go purchased the video game the day of its launch. Duke Nukem Forever promised to end up being even more action packed, comedy filled, attractive video game than its predecessors but has it delivered?Duke’s macho-man, chauvinistic perspective along with his witty wise cracks really helped propel him to icon status and has been perhaps among the only reasons this game sold any copies. The designers were able to make the video game boring. On occasion it practically feels like a chore to play with all the constant driving a vehicle around and the dullness is only sometimes broken up by way of the gory sci-fi shooting we have now come to really enjoy. On occasion Duke Nukem Forever is definetly several different half-finished concepts thrown together in a very weak effort to make a blockbuster video game. The levels tend to be brief, the driving drags on and on, and just when you believe you’re done you will get to drive a lot more. All of the driving wrecks the movement of the game which looks choppy at best. One minute you go from jumping around a level for some time only seeing a few enemies to dispatch then you’re inside a truck leaping off of ramps. All of the driving is simply made worse by the fact that the artwork are repeated time and time again.

Think you’ve seen that canyon in the past? You most definitely have! You went by it a few kilometers back before you stalled out and had to search for gas so you might do you know what, drive! Too much time is centered on the boring, monotonous tasks in the game. The puzzles to resolve will often be endless and unengaging. Workers must have recognized the puzzles seemed like this as they even made Duke comment on just how he dislikes all of them. The idea was halfway decent though the execution appeared dull as well as simple. On the whole the game is a fail. Not only did the video game fail as part of the Duke Nukem series, but also as a separate game it wasn’t fun. The team took a cherished symbol and transformed him into a unexciting and boring muscle-bound maniac. We could hope should they elect to create another game within the series that it’s going to be similar to the old models and with any luck , redeem themselves following this ordeal. This game tries too much and any enjoyment to be had is only short-lived.

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Starship Troopers

Starship Trooper was released in 1997 and is a American military science fiction movie, the fist film released in the series.

The story is about the soldier Johnny Rico and his friends in the Mobile Infantry.

Starship Troopers was nominated for a Academy Award (visual effects) in 1998, the film was vidley critised for its social and political themes, which was calimed to promote militarism and maybe even facism.

Among the actors in the movie, names like Denise Richards (ex wife of Charlie Sheen), Neil Patrick Harris (Barney in How i meet your mother) can be found.

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Can the Republicans ignore the Tea Party´s power?

USA you have two political parties
The Republicans and theDemocrats
But the last few years there is a new movement called the Tea Party, The Tea Party are series of protests running a cross the country. And it seems that there is a lot of power in this movement. One example is the primary race for the Alaska´s senate, Where Senator Lisa Murkowski just barely lost the race, and its now seen as a real as whipping. It was the conservative lawyer Joe Miller which was backed by the Tea Party who give Lisa the chocking loss, and it seems that this is going to be the way how the election in 2010 will turn out.
Murkowski´s loss seems to be even more worries, conservatives loves what they see in Miller, he is also a newbie in politics which is why he was backed by the Tea party and that he also is more conserative then his RINO (Republican by name only) oposition. Miller is also a Bronze Star veteran from the first gulf war in the early 90´s and as said never been doing politics before.
When the loss of Lisa Murkowski happened it was clear to all, even for the Republicans that they couldn´t ignore the force that is Tea Party, they helped a politicial nobody beat a senator thats been working as a politician for several years.

The elections in the USA will be intresting to follow this year.

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Cheers – Fraiser

I like looking for strange things in films and series that i watch, for some time ago i watched Fraiser and started to look for some remarks to the previous program Cheers, many of them was mentioned on the internet, but this one wasn´t

In episode 1 season 9 (Don Juan in Hell) Diane paints a picture of Sam Malone while discussing Frasisers old flames.

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Sista ’Cartwrighten’ är död – blev 81 år | Nöjesbladet | Aftonbladet

Sista ’Cartwrighten’ är död – blev 81 år | Nöjesbladet | Aftonbladet.

The last Cartwright brother has died, at age 81.

Pernell Roberts was the last surviving memeber from the Cartwright family.  Roberts chocked both Hollywood and the world when he left the series when it was on the top of it´s popularity in 1965.

Blocker and Landon who played his brother in ”The Cartwright Brothers” passed away in 1972 and 1991.

Roberts sufferd from cancer which now has ended his life.

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What happened after : Bonanza (Bröderna Cartwright, The Cartwright brothers)

It was a western series made in 1959 by David Dortort and Fred Hamilton, starring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Pernell Roberts

The serie was about the father Ben (Lorne Greene) and his three sons Adam (Pernell Roberts) , Eric a.k.a ”Hoss” (Dan Blocker) and Joseph aka ”Little Joe” (Michael Landon) that together where fighting unjustice in their county.

The series was aired from September 12 1959 – January 16 1973

Pernell Roberts (Adam) left the series in 1964 after disputes whit the writers and producers.

In Late 1972 ”Hoss” (Dan Blocker) was undergoing surgery, when he encounterd a post-op blood-clot and died. Dan Blocker where only 44 years old
Dan Blocker on findagrave

On the 11 of September 1987 Lorne Greene past away due to complications from prostatcancer, seventyseven years old.
Lorne Greene on findagrave

In the begning of 1991 Michael Landon was diagnosed whit cancer, he apperaed on tv programs and in newspappers talking about his disease and in July 1991 Michael Landon passed away from cancer at the age of 54.
Michael Landon on Findagrave

The only one that lives today of the cast is Pernell Roberts.

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