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Costa Concordia The worlds most valuable wreck

The wreck of the capsized luxury liner Costa Concordia could become a enviroment problem, since the ship contains 2300 tonnes of of fuel will leak from the ship, will become a huge problem for the island and the area around.

There has now been discussions on how to save the wrecked ship, first of all the ship will be drained of fuel, then divers will try to repair the damage to the ship and raise it, if that dosen´t work it could be filled whit ballons and tried to raise the ship and tow the ship to the harbour for repairs. If that wouldn´t work there is a suggestion of chopping the ship to pieces and sell it as junk.

The capitan of the ship Francesco Schettino 52, has been released from prison and put in house arrest before the hearing that will take place, aobut the happenings of the Costa Concordia. As of for now the ship risks to sink to 100 meters deep

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Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia is a ship built launched on 2nd of September 2005 and made her maiden voyage on the 14th of July 2006. The ship is now partially capsized, submerged and heavily damaged vessel of Isola del Giglio in Italy.

It was on Friday 13th of January 2012 around 21:00 local time (UTC+1) that the Costa Concordia ran aground on the rocks at Isola del Giglio whit 4,229 persons aboard, six of them died during the accident and as of 15th of January 15 persons where uunaccounted for, three persons had been found on that day, two south korean passengers and an italian crew member.

Broker and industry experts in Italy belives that the ship is a total loss whit damages estimated to be as high or higher then $500 millions, so far the cruiseline Costa hasen´t confirmed anything about what will happen to the ship. Dutch salvage experts has been called in to assist in removing the ship, which ahs about 2,380 tons of fuel that needs to be removed first.

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History : Own your own Aircraft carrier

If your dream always been to own and operate a aircraft carrier, you now have the chance.
The warship HMS Invincible who did play a key role in the battle of the Falkland Islands between Britain and Argentina in 1982, was decommissioned in 2005, is now going on auction.

So far the winner of the auction has not been made public but Lam Kin-bong, from Hong Kong has offred about $7.7 millions for the ship, he says he would turn it into a school in china according to South China Morning Post.

A spokeswoman for the defence ministry in Britian said:

The ship will be stripped of all its components, in effect, whoever buys equipment like this is buying a shell.

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Found : Diary from a expedition that ended whit Catastroph

Researschers have found a diary from a famous Russian expedition to Arctic, The notes shows that the crew died of starvation after their ship had been frosen in the ice.
Besides the diary researchers also found a pocketwatch and a spoon.

It was on a deserted island north of Russia that researchers have found the remains from the expedition to find a way from Europe to Asia. Among the finding is, as said, a diary written by one of the sailors that 1912 started the expedition whit Captain Georgij Brusilov. Researchers also found a couple of skelletons. It was the ship St.Anna that got stuck in the ice and was drifting for two years while the food storage was empytied, as a last resort 24 sailors left the ship trying to find land, but only two surrvied, untill now it has been a mystery what happened to the them.

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Letter from Titanic up for Auction

For 98 years ago the R.M.S Titanic sank in the Atlantic and many items has been rescued from the wreck and has finally arrived at their destination.

The letter is signed by Laura Francatelli, who was a passenger on the Titanic, she was also a secretary for two of the figures in the history of the oceanliner, Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon.

The letter paints a diffrent portrait of Sir Cosmo then historians have belived before this letter was found.

Sir Cosmo was belived to have paid for a place in a lifeboat, and when the ship sank, the lifeboat (which had both Sir Cosmo and Francatelli) didn´t bother to return to rescue the people that where in need of help.

Acording to the letter Sir Cosmo refued to board a lifeboat and insisted that Lady Duff Cosmo and Francatelli should be put in a lifeboat and leave the sinking ship.

Sir Cosmo did leave the ship only after the officers insisted on it.

In the letter it also says that Sir Cosmo didn´t pay for a place in the lifeboat but out of gratitude for the help and beeing rescued.

It´s belived that the letter is going to be sold for 10,000- 15,000 pounds (110.501 – 165,807 SEK) at the auction of Henry Aldridge and son during the 16th of October

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Ormen långe took part in the battle of Svolder

If you are to belive the Icelandic writer Snorre Sturlasson the Ormen Långe has played a big part of the Scandinavian history. In his work ”Heimskringla” he says that Ormen Långe was the biggest ship that ever was built. Acording to estimations made in later years the ship was about 50 meters long and had a crew about 130 men.
He also writes about the ships owner the norwegian king Olav Tryggvason. King Olav had himself baptised in England and worked for the baptism of Norway. He was succesfull until he insulted Sigrid Storråda of Sweden ( widow of the Swedish king) when she refused to become baptised. Sigfrid wanted revenge and got help from her new husband Sven Tveskägg that where king of Denmark, and her son the Swedish king Olof Skötkonung and the Norwegian man Eirik Håkonsen.
Olav Tryggvason was on his way home whit Ormen Långe when his enemys turned up along Svolder (close to Rügen). It become a big seabattle, that would taken part around year 1000, the norweigans showed great effort even if they where outnumbred. When king Olav thoungt alongside the archer Einar Tambaskjelves side and the bow broke, Olav asked what had happened, and the answer where ”Norway just left your hands my king” Shortly after Olav relaised that the fight was over, through himself in to the sea and drowned, acording to Snorre Sturlasson.

Annonser från BloggPartner

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Swedish inventor built Monitor

Monitor was one of the most important ships during the American civil war. After many thoughts and considerations the mission to build the ship went to the Swedish inventor John Eriksson to build a ship that would be unsikable and sink so many of the enemys ship as possible. The ship turned out to be very strange, only the cannonturret was visible above the surface. The turret could be turned around and fire in any direction. Monitor did win the famous sea battle against Virgina (many times referd to as Merimak)

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Mayflower brought the pilgrims to America

It is thanks to the english ship Mayflower that the americans can eat turkey the forth in November each year. In 1620 Mayflower brought 120 pilgrims to, that belogned to puritanism from Plymouth England to Cape Cod in Massachusetts, there they established one of the first English colonys in North America.
On the Mayflower where also the Mayflower Compact signed, a document that would make the ground for the Plymouthcolony. When the colony was celebrating their first harvest they arranged a festival, thats the base for todays Thanksgiving, which since 1863 is a nationall holiday in USA.

100Dollar PTC

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Wreckhunters is hopping to find treasures

The american treasurehunters Odusseu Marine Exploratin has made several noticeable findings the last years. Now they have started to search for the Italian passenger ship Ancona, it was sanked by a german Submarine under Austrian flag in the ocean between Sicilly and Sardinia during the first world war. Represantivs for the company thinks that the ships cargospace contained twelve boxes whit cold and silver, that the Italian army would use to buy weapons. As in other cases where Odyssey has found treasures there will be a fight juridical between the company and the country where the findings have been made, in this case Italy.

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Israelian fly where attacking american warship

The joy could not be misstaken in the Israelian camp during the war, but then the Israelian commanders make a very bad choise.
One of their planes have wrongfully identified a ship as Egyptian, and two Mirage-panes are sent against the ship not far from Sinaiislands.
Around 14 the pilotes fire their rockets against the ship, which is followed by other planes who drops Napalm bombs over the deck, when the smoke is cleared has 34 sailors died and 174 is badly wounded and the ship has gotten big damage.

The misstake was that the ship wasn´t Egyptian, it was the American USS Liberty.

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