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Alternative energy sources

Have you become tired of high energy prices and been thinking of producing your own energy to keep your engines and home running, but you dont know for sure how you would make it?

When going whit wind energy you will need wind turbines, you might think that this is only the large and bulky ones that you could see on the country side, but there is also roof top wind turbine which as name says is made for beeing used on rooftops, they are quiet, safe and reliable vertical wind turbine. This could be a great option for you to save some money on your energy bill. There is a established dealer network that sells the wind turbines, but you could also buy them direct from the manufacture

When you choose to buy a wind turbine you will need to think about a few things.

* Your annual energy consumption in Kwh
* The annual average wind speed in your area
* Any restrictions in your area for wind turbines?
* How do you find the wind speed in your area?

This is the four key things to think of, if not you might buy something that you have no need for if for example you live in a place whit little winds. But in the long run this is the perfect way to get energy whitout charge the nature to much whit unnecessary equipment and buildings

When using roof towers you will get a uniqe design for each roof its used on since no roof is like another one and its needed to design them diffrent to avoid vibrations and noise. This could very well be the future in energy producing, in the future, households may well become self-sufficient in energy as the technology evolves, already today there is some energy companies that have opened their nets to let people sell their exess of produced energy

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Just recently PhantomAlert where on the news once again

Abcactionnews about PhantomAlert

Acordning to the information in the newspapper PhantomAlert is beeing programed to discover red lights, Speed traps and things like that, whit over 600 yards to spare you will be warned whitin mre time that you need.

A lifetime suscription to PhantomAlert cots $99. But still you can´t drive how fast you want whit out any risk of getting caught.

Acordning to the founder of Joe Scott, the services list 110.000 ticket traps in U.S and Canada.

Joe Scott says:
”Are we encouraging people to run red lights or speed? No. They’re not going to get a ticket because they’re not breaking the law.”

One of the most clever features of is that the database of ticket traps is constantly updated by the subscriber base, said by Joe Scott to be in the thousands. Each member subscriber can go online and add speed traps, red light cameras and school zones that they encounter. Then all other members will be warned of those locations.

Do you want to know more about phantomalert? Just click on the banner above

The best of it all, it totaly legal

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Iphone rejects C64 Emulator

The emulator has these features

* Full speed, Commodore 64 emulator
* SID sound emulation
* Auto-save, to continue exactly where you left off
* Realistic joystick and beautifully crafted C64 keyboard
* Portrait and Landscape play
* Vertical and Fullscreen gaming (auto rotate for iPod users)

And its fully leagal to.

But the the emulator progress where totaly rejected by Apple.

More reading:
C64 emulator rejected from Iphone

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Conspiracy Theories – 9/11 Truth Movement part 2

No other scyskrapers in the world have collapsed due to fire.

Whell no, but very few of these also got hit by airplanes.
The narrator also claims that there could not be any hard evindence in this since the towers stod up after getting hit. Whell everyone whit a small piece of brain knows that things just don´t fall at once everytime, its just that simple

The Buildings were Rigged whit explosives because

The attack were Anticipated or An internal US Agency planed the demolition.

So far this is not much to go on, but still people find these things as the truth, why?

Point one that he takes up

Radical Symetry

The towers fell down along them selfs and very little debris fell down far away from the towers, this is acctually a very common fenomen when buildings collapses.

2 Rapid decent

This point is not any problem either, the force that come frome above turned out to be to massive that the lower part didn´t manage to hold it back.
If this was the work of explosives, why did the top fell first? when you demolish a house whit explosive it falls down and up, not up and down.

3 Demolition waves

Synchronised exlosives where used to trigger the fall of the towers.

This is amazing how people could fall for, it would take alot of time for the bombers to plant all of this, WTC wasn´t a 9-5 workplace which means that people would have seen something, but i guess they are being bribed or just is scared to speak out.

Researchers has studied films and photos and have noticed that windows is beeing blown out before the building comes down.

This is also something that dosen´t have to point to explosives. The buildings where really damaged and surely you don´t expect them to stand still when the plane hits, so of course there would have been tention on the windows which then later breaks.

Panncake theory is belived by some to not be possible, whell humans didn´t think the Wright Brothers airplane would lift off or be a huge industry either.

4 Demolition squibs

Almost before and during the collapse small ”squids” are seen blowing out ot the towers windows, this could also be dust particals that is beeing blown out.
As i said before, the uper part of the towers come down whit speed, and speed creates airwaves.

So no, this is not the way to build a conspiracy theory whit credebility or pasubility.

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