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Jim Morrison

James Douglas ”Jim” Morrison was born on the 8th of december 1943 and was a american most famous for singing, he was the lead singer of The Doors. The magazine Rolling Stone´s ranked him as number 47 in the list ”100 Greatest singers of All Time”.

On the 3rd of July 1971 his longtime friend Pamela Courson found him dead in a bathtube in a apartment in Paris. No autopsy where made, even thought it was French law, since the medical examiner didn´t find any evidence of foul play. This has started alot of questions regarding the cause of death.

Some spekulations are that Morrison toke an overdose heroine beliving it was cocaine. Pamela Courson died three years later by a drug overdose (heroin) she was , like Morrison, 27 years old.

Morrison is buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery at the east of Paris, and his grave is one of the citys most visited attractions. There where no official marker untill French autorithys placed a sheild over it, the sheild where stolen in 1973. In 1981 the a croatian sculptur placed a bust of Morrison and a new gravestone in place to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death. The bust where partly destroyed by vandals during the years and in 1988 it was stolen. In the early 1990´s George Stephen Morrison, Jim´s father, placed a flat stone on the grave, the sculptur has made two more busts but are waiting for approval before adding them to the grave.

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Ancient tools has been found

Around twenty stonetools that is belived to be around 120 000 years old has been found in Japan. Among the tools is a five centimeter long ”knife” stone.
The tools are the oldest that so far has been found in the country.

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