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Found : Stolen painting of Zorn

The painting ”Freya” where on sale at Sotheby´s in London, but the painting is reported stolen and the police stopped the auction. The painting where stolen during a burglary in Stockholm during 2004, and six years later it turns up on a auction.
The Swedish police was told of the auction and contacted the police in London.

Matthew Floris, spokesman for Sotheby´s says

I can confirm that the painting was whitdrawn from auction due to its unclear who is the owner of the painting

The painting was acording to Sotheby´s from a private collector in Switzerland, which now are of intresst for the Swedish police.

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Book of the week 36 : Infiltrator

Max Åström worked as a infiltrator for the Swedish Police, he managed traps for bikers, robbers and drugdealers on orders from the former capitan Olle Lijlegren at Stockholms policesqaud. But during one mission everything went wrong and the real identity of Max where clearly seen. During the investigation and trials that followed have more and more information about the Stockholm Police way of working have surfaced, but also more questions that is missing answers, What did the policecheifs knew? Why have those that been tried and convicted gotten any chanse for a retrial?
And what is the meening for the Swedish justice?

Infiltrator is also available as soundbook here

Infiltratören den smutsigaste härvan inom Svensk Polis

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