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A favicon (favorites icon) is an icon representing a website. It is usuallyleft in the address bar in most modern browsers when you are on the side and may also appear in menus and lists if you choose to store the page again. In many tabbed browser also displays the icon in thecorresponding tab in the tab bar.

Traditionally, the file was of type Windows icon, but it has becomecommon for browsers also accepts PNG and GIF files. Typically, using an image with size 16 × 16 pixels.

In order to do so as many browsers as possible to display the icon, do the following:
Include the following tag within

<head>: <link rel=”icon”href=”” type=”image/” />

The icon file can be anywhere, but some older browsers do not recognize

Without looking directly at / favicon.ico, which thusis preferably used as the location for the file. Each file yet placed, the href attribute must always point to it.
Files of type. Ico is the only supported by Internet Explorer version 6 and earlier. By most other browsers allowed the favicon all the file formats thatyour browser supports otherwise.

Or you could use the favicon generator

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