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Rodney King dead

Rodney King become famous after a brutal abuse by the Los Angeles police in 1991, the Rodney King affair was the start of the biggest riots Los Angeles ever seen in 1992.

It´s been said that Rodney King was found by his fiance in a swimmingpool.

It was on the 3rd of March 1991 that Rodney King, then 25 years was stopped by a police squad, King, who was on leave from the prison was brutaly abused by several police officers whit their nightsticks.

The event was captured by a amature cameraman, and was later released around the world, disgust and despair, many people around the world lost their fate in justice.

Just about a year later the police officer was found not guilty by the court, the verdict turned to a violent riot where more then 50 persons lost their life and property for over a billion dollar was destroyed.

Rodney king was 47 years old


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