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Andrew Breitbart dead

Conserative activist Andrew Beritbart dead at age 43

Conservative activiST Andrew Breitbart, a huge voice for the U.S. Republican politics and known for his attacks on both liberals and Democrats died suddenly on Thursday at age 43, The cause of death was natural.

Andrew Breitbart was walking close to his home in Los Angeles when he suddenly collapsed according to his father in-law actor Orson Bean.

He collapsed on the sidewalk and the paramedics were there very quickly and they couldn’t revive him,

Bean told Reuters in a phone interview.

Its been said that Breitbart has had a history of heart problems and is belived to have suffred from a heart attack.

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British king misstoke his pillow for his son

Georg III of England (1738-1820) was in his youth somewhat of a booring boy and his family was called for the most booring in Europe. But it all changed in 1783 when he suddenly started to talk for hours, iluosinal and whitout any connection, untill he lost his voice. At other times the king went so furious that foam started to gather around his mouth, and eventually he slipped down in to a deep depression.
His family then called for a doctor that treated insane persons from a private clinic. The king was placed in a straitjacket and was strapped to the bed, but the treatment was useless, and the king started to acusse his wife for betraying him, he also become sexuall attracted to an older woman, he thought his pillow where his dead son and that London where flodded.
After about a halfyear Georg become himself but he had many fallbacks during his life.

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