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Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony is a warlord from Ugandathat have been connected whit crimes during war and has been charged by the nternational Criminal Court in The Hague for war crimes in 2005.

But what is this all about?

Joseph Kony is belived to have from 20.000 to 100 000 children in his army, no one knows the true ammount he is also known to kidnap and mutilat children. Sometimes he kill their parents so the children cant escape from the army, other methods is to cut their nose or ears of to prevent escapes.

The group Invisible Children has now decided that 2012 is going to be the year that Joseph Kony will be arrested and bought to trial. The filmmaker Jason Russel has produced a 29 minutes long video for this which has in a few days recived over 26 million hits, many people worldwide is engaging in this through twitter,facebook and bloggs.

It will not be an easy task to bring Joseph Kony to trial, the Uganda military has been trying for over 20 years
But if the actions are successfull and leads to Kony beeing put on trial in Hague it will mean a boon for the millions of Africans who suffered during the decades of his rampage

More info at Kony 2012

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Pearl Harbor day

During the second world war Japan wanted to extened their empire and the Us wanted to stay neutral in the conflict, it all ended on the 7th of December 1940 when Japan attacked USA at Pearl Harbor.

It was a peacefull Sunday morning, 7 December 1941, the U.S. Pacific Fleet crews still in their beds and sleeping on the naval base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, when their sleep is beeing interrupted by the numerous explosions.

Several waves of Japanese airplanes has descended upon the camp and released their bombs and torpedos and turns the site to a graveyard in just a few hours.

Over 2,500 Americans lost their lifes in the attack, which was meant to prevent US to interfeer in Japans plans to conquer an empire in Asia.

The battle lasted for over three years but the Japanese soon found themself in trouble since they had underestimated their opponent.

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Namibia, or officially the Republic of Namibia , is a country in southern Africa that borders to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Its land borders is against Angola and Zambia to the north and South Africa and Botswana to the east

Namibia gained liberty from South Africa on 21 March 1990, following the Namibian War of Independence. Its capital and largest city is Windhoek.

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Found : Landslides revealed massgrave

In Slovenia a massgrave has been found due to the area was struck whit a smaller landslides after floods affected the area.

In the massgrave was the remains of 700 persons found, they are belived to have been killed after the second world war. It´s belived to bee Slovenes that did work whit the Nazis during the war. Ater the war they was executed by a lokal resistancegroup in revenge against the crulty of the Germans. The grave, which is 3 meter wide and 21 meter long contains corpse from both men and women, most of them has their hands tied to their backs.

Mark Strovs has been mapping Slovenian massgraves

Some victims has been shot, others seems to have been killed whit a sharp object probably an axe.

Acording to Strovs, rumors has been circulating in the area about mass executions since the end of the war. The authorities in former Yugoslavia has tried to put the lid on the stories about the revenge attacks after the war, but the discovery of several mass graves in recent years shows that thousands of people were executed.

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Famous cigarr on museum

After 67 years has one of the cigarrs that Winston Churchill smoked when he planed the invasion of Normadie, become known to the public. The 15 centimeter long ciggar was was a heritage for Christian Williams from his father, that where Churchills servant during the second world war. The father had gotten the ciggar after a meeting in Casablanca in 1943 when Churchill started the work for a plan to invade Normadie. Christian Williams will nog donate the cigarr to a Museum

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Mitsuo Fuchida

Fuchida was the captain that was leading the first attack against Pearl Harbor. Fuchida survived both the battle of Midway in june 1942 (even though his boat got sunk), and the great bomb over Hiroshima (he left the city hours before the bomb was dropped). After the war he become a famous missionar, he died in Osaka on the 30th of May 1976.

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The fall of ”Big Sweden”

During several hundreds of years Sweden had become a stro<>ng nation. After the battle of Poltava, it all changed.

1700 The big nordic war starts, Sweden is attacked by Russia, Denmark-Norway and Sachsen-Poland. Sweden wins over the koallition and forces everyone but Russia out of the war. Karl XII:s forces beats a superior russian army at Narva but Russia is still struggling.

1709 The battle of Poltava changes the power totaly, The army of Sweden is chrused and the country is suffering from a serious injury which the enemys can smell long way. Several nations enters the war against Sweden, which also have lost the control of Östersjön after many failed seabattles against the Danish-Norwegian navy.

1718 Karl XII attacks Norway, his plan is to force Denmark from the war so that he can focus on Russia. The attack is carefull planed, but ends when Karl XII is killed by a bullet at Fredriksten. Swedens new king start negoations of peace.

1721 The war is at the end. Sweden makes a bad peace and have to resign from their land i balticum and parts of finland which russia takes. Sweden also makes peace whit Denmark-Norway and several German states. Sweden is now a fallen nation, Russia has become the new supremepower.

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Europes biggest massgrave found in a Slovenian mine

The grave is filled whit about 15.000 soldiers that was executed during the war.
It was discoverd in a abandoned mine outside the city of Maribor. It is supposed to contain the bodys of 15.000 Kroatian soldiers that was executed after the end of the second worldwar.
The grave is about 1 km long and 4-6 meters wide. They where most likely executed by communist partisans just short after Jugoslavia was freed in May 1945.

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The massacer in Malmédy

On the 16th of December German forces where trying an desperat but chanceless offensive against the allied forces in the Ardenner area.
The leader of those forces whre Joachim Peiper. On the 17 of december they surronded a allied division whit soliders from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. around the belgian city of Malmédy. Peipers pluton made sure they took the soldiers weapons before they where forced out to a field and in coold blood shot down.
Between fifty to sixty prisoners where killed and around thirty managed to escape.
Malmédy become the symbol for even more similar events from SS-Sqauds and many high voices where heard from the US for revenge. Even if Peiper wasn´t on place when the masacre occured he took full responsibility for them after the war. In the trial that followed the war Pieper and 42 of his men where senteced to death for the murders of the allied soldiers. But during the trial several errors had occured and no death penalty where used but instead converted to life in prison.

Peiper where the last one to be released in 1956, he then moved to France where lived untill he in 1976 where killed by unkown assasins.

Music Videos

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He did rule Germany

Joseph Goebbels was the man who in reality where running Germany, even if Hitler had the last word. But since Hitler was bored whit paperwork he left them for Goebbels.
When Goebbels in 1943 asked the question ”Do you want the ultimate war?” infront of 15 000 chosen guests, the answer was a high and loud ”YES” and it where used very much and good by Goebbels in a way to turn the feelings of disaster in the war that had arissed at the German people.
One of the most famous quotes of Goebbels is ”If you tell a big lie often, people will start to belive it.” He used it so much that he seems to have fooled him self. On the day after Hitlers suicide the 30 of april 1945 Goebbles had his children killed, then he and his wife commited suicide.

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