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The guards carried out the prisoner

1619 Hugo Grotius was sentenced to life in prisonment due to a religious dispuit.

During a visit Grotius wife told the prisonwarden that Grotius has become sick, she was afraid that his bock should make him worse and wanted help to remove them.

When the visit where over the guards took care of the books that where in a casket.
In the casket was even Grotius covered whit books.

The guards found the casket hevay and spoked whit the warden, he confirmed that the casket was filled whit books.

When the guards the next day where going to look into the sick Grotius, he wasn´t there, he already left the country.

Busringning från advokat – Grattis! Du har ärvt en massa pengar från en släkting du inte visste fanns!

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