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Auction : Lee Harvey Oswald´s coffin

The coffin that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged murder of John F Kennedy was burried in has gone under the hammer of a auction house in Los Angeles. The pine coffin that is water damaged spent 18 years in the ground whit Oswald before his body where exumed in 1981 due to rumors that it wasn´t Oswald that lied burried but instead a look alike russian agent. The body was confirmed as Oswald and he was reburied in another casket and the original casket is now up for auction.

We’ve already had a lot of interest

Says Nate D Sanders, auction house manager Laura Yntema and added

This is the first time it’s ever been on the market.

Oswald was charged whit killing JFK on November 22 1963, but was himself shot and killed on the 24th of November 1963 by Jack Ruby.

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Jessie Ventura Vs JFK Conspiracy

Whell it wasn´t a question if Ventura should touch the subject, rather a question about when. Is he going for the truth like everyone else that have researched this case and found amazingly new evidence?

Let´s have a look and see what Ventura have found.

Just in the first minutes there are a error, the narrator says:

You thought the case where closed but Jessie Ventura tears it wide open

I will come to why he dosen´t tear it wide open later on, its quite intresting acctually.

Sure it looks great that Saint John Hunt will have to hide in a simple motel because he´s afraid.
In his own words:

The more exposure i get by telling my story, puts me in a greater level of danger.

Of Coruse, Hunt is afraid, he´s in great danger when he speaks about the information that he has. So is this his only appreance? Whell no. Just check where he sell the truth, isn´t that remarkable if he is afraid and under threat?

The man in the wheelchair gives Ventura some documents, new evidence (very classified) He even sleeps whit a gun under his pillow. Now this is intresting. What could this information to be?
Whell it´s about something called Operation 40, that where going to be used against Castro, but is suspected to have been used against JFK.

First of all, Operation 40 was already mentioned in 1990:s so this is not exactly new evidence, just pure old crap whitout any info about this is true or not.

And finally, of course there is a huge force and conspiracy that Jessie Ventura is not allowed to film at JFK´s gravesite….

The documents on Operation 40 where known already in 1992 when James Earl Jones hosted JFK Conspiracy

And what about Hunt´s confesion, haven´t we heard that storie before?
Whell Nigel Turner made a movie in 1988 called The Men Who killed Kennedy where the CIA is accused for beeing behind the assasination by hiring a french hitman whit the name Lucien Sartie, and what does Hunt´s confession contain?

So, how much is new information after all? But still it can be true, i just don´t like the way the information is presented as new and dangerous, when the information been known for years and people are trying to earn money on this dangerous information.

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Revealed : Hitler was bullied in the army

Hitler was very keen to give a picture of himself as a warhero, but now released documents shows that Hitler wasn´t the warhero from the great war as he claimed to have been.

A Scotish historian has found documents that shows that Hitler wasn´t the great warhero that he himself had claimed.
Thomas Weber from Aberdeen University has among all the papers also found letters from Hitlers friends in the army that proves the theory that Hitler was regarded as a ”swine from the lower ranks, ” and far from the front. Acording to the documents was Hitler often bullied, among his friends in the army the story was often that he would have died of starvation in a cannery, because he could not even open a jar. The new information totaly goes against all of those of Hitler as a brave soldier.

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Revealed : A 400 year old murder

In close to 400 years rumors many people belived that Francesco De Medicis death was a vicious murder. Now researchers claims that it wasn´t murder.

They have been taking tests on the remains and come to the conclusion that the couple ( Francesco de Medici and his wife Bianca Cappello ) died by malaria.

Theories have blossed through the years that the couple where murderd whit poison, thats a theory that now could be put to rest in history.

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Kon-Tiki sailed to the southsea

Norweigan Thor Heyerdahl took 18 poles of balsawood and used around 300 meters of rope to connect them to a boat, the boat wasn´t to comfortable or safe but Heyerdahl where comfortable. In 1947 he started his journey from Callao in Peru, he wanted to show that indians from southamerica already during the 500th century could make ships that where seaworthy and could make it to Polynesia in the Southsea.

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Submarinecrew died beacuse lack of oxygen

It has been a riddle for over 150 years why the American submarine Hunley went under after as the first submarine in history attacked and sank a warship. Researchers now belives that the crew did suffocate in the submarine, after the submarine was removed from the ocean in 1995 has it been studied several times, and most likely is that the submarine wasn´t trying to pump water out. Hunley did sink in February 1864 after it had attack Housatonic (ship from the North States) whit a long stick and a gundpowder keg in the front.

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King Alfons where four hats

Alfons Vi of Portugal (1643-83) wasn´t that smart, his low intelligence may have been there since birth, it may could also come from a braininfection which he got when he was three and made him paralysed on the right side. Alfons wasn´t intressted of ruling and instead in put his mother in charge, he spent his time watching dogfights and rosterfights. He also had big partys in bed, dressed whit six or seven coats and four hats. When the king for once went to church he had made his own demands on the service.
The priest that made a longer service then he should, only if it where just a second, where deported from Portugal. Alfons liked nuns wery much and have several of them as misstress.

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Cheers – Fraiser

I like looking for strange things in films and series that i watch, for some time ago i watched Fraiser and started to look for some remarks to the previous program Cheers, many of them was mentioned on the internet, but this one wasn´t

In episode 1 season 9 (Don Juan in Hell) Diane paints a picture of Sam Malone while discussing Frasisers old flames.

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Several groups spread fear in Germany

The Baader-Meinhof gang wasn´t the only terrorgroup that where working in WestGermany in the 70 and 80s. During the summer-olympics in Münich 1972 the palestinian group ”Black September” took several persons of the Israelian olympicsquad as prisoners (five terrorists and elven israelian where killed). In 1972 another german terrorgroup where introduced, whit a bomb against a brittish yachtclub in West Berlin. The group took its name after the date when Benno Ohnesorg where shot dead in 1967.

The 2-june group got the most attention for the kidnapping of the mayor of West Berlin Peter Lorentz in 1975. For the release of Lorenz the group demanded that six inprisoned members should be released. The Westgerman goverment accepted the demands, the prisoners where released and soon after that even Lorenz.

Another german terrorgroup where the ”Revolutionären Zellen” they where more anonymus but was behind many political attacks during the 1970 and 1980s.

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A secret report says Bobby Kennedy had Monroe killed

In 2007 the news about a so far secret FBI report. Acording to the report it wasn´t JFK that had a affair whit Marylin, it was his brother RFK. To avoid a scandal Bobby Kennedy would have talked Monroes doctor Ralph Greenson to fool Monroe to comitt suicide, the plan was that Greenson would manipulate Monroe to take an overdose against a false promise to save her in time. Greensons task was also to convince Marylin that this would work as a PR Stunt and create sympati for her at the public.
The information hasn´t been confirmed officially, and since all involved is dead (John F Kennedy was murderd in 1963 and Robert Kennedy was murderd in 1968 and Greenson died in 1979) this will still be unsolved for many years to come.

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