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Larry Hagman dead

Larry Hagman

81 year old Larry Hagman has passed away after a long battle whit cancer

Hagman become famous for his part as J.R Ewing in the tv-serie Dallas in the mid 80:s.

Becoming a celeberty brought whit it problems whit alcohol since Hagman started to drink from morning to evning, in 1995 he recived a new kidney.

Hagman leaves his wife Maj, daughter Kristina and his son Preston and five grandchildren behind.


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Online tutor

Do you feel that you have to study some more to get that work you always wanted? But don´t have the time to be seated in the school bench, then internet offers good ways to make it. is a great site where you easley can get a online tutor in many subjects, the tutors then help you whit your homework and you can reach the education you want. The mission whit the site is to help students to advance and go further in their life and work. You could use while you have a job to, they also offer 24/7 support, which means all hours a day and seven days a week.

As a member you will get a Free 10 minutes trial, then the teachers see how much time you need, you will get the time for a light cost which make this one of the best ways to becoming more educated.

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Vaclav Havel dead

The former president of Czech Republic Vaclav Havel has died 75 years old.

Vaclav Havel was the president of Czechoslovakia 1989-1992 and left the post when the country was dived into two countries (Republics of Czech and Slovakia)

Whit Vaclav Havel has a part of the modern Europes strongest and bravest voices dissapered

Says the Swedish utrikesministern Carl bildt

Vaclav Havel died after a long period of sickness, at his bedside where his wife Dagmara and several nuns.


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Grenade was used as a school bell

The workers that was clearing out mines in Uganada was chocked when they found out that a still live grenade was used to call the kids to school.
When the workers arrived to the school, one of the students where ”ringing” the grenade by hitting it whit a stick.

Luckly, no one strike it hard enough to get it to explode

says Wilson Bwambale from the organisation Rwenzori who works whit removing the mines.
The group tooke hand of the grenade and recomended the school to use something else as a school bell.

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Have you used Payday Laons?

Have you ever had the need of quick and easy money, peraps you need to pay some bills and the payday is too far away. Today you have the opiturnity touse something called payday loans. Whit payday loans you get the chance to pay if for example a family crises appear, your motorcycle breaks down, and it has to been paid long before the payday.
If you are thinking about a ordinary loan, whit a bank, it could take days sometimes even weeks before you get to know if you are approved or not. The name ”payday loans” is used since people use to pay of the loan when they recive their payment on payday.
If you need to use payday loans, its easy, you can get
instant loans online, it takes just a matter of minutes before you can get it approved, there is even payday loans no credit check and no fax payday loans just as these names says they don´t need you to send anything in before they make their desicsions.

The best way to get a good paydayloan is to compare diffrent sites against each other, it could differ in terms and rates. Using payday loans give you the opurtinity to loan money whit easy from your own home and to recive the loan in just a couple of hours.

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Aged Corporations for Sale

Have you ever had the feeling that you want to start a company, but you don´t want to go through all the booring paperwork just to get started?

Then there is something named Shelf Corporations for Sale. If you haven´t tried Shelf Corporations before, its companys that has had no activity, these kind of companys can then be sold to one person or to a group of people. There is various versions of the Shelf Corporations, like Aged Corporations, Shelf Corporations, Aged Corporations with Credit and Shelf Corporations with Credit.

When a new owner buys a company, then they don´t have to do all the boring paperwork and procedures that comes whit the start of a company. There is a couple of Shelf Corporations to buy, one is Aged Shelf Corporations. It means that the corporation has been registered in years and the new owner will get a company whit age and there fore also get credibility whit a company that have existed for some years. The other version is Shelf Corporations with Credit, thats just what it sounds like, a corporation including credits. But as always when it comes to money and investments, read through all avaliable information and plan your purchase before you do it, there is no branches that is totaly secure from scammers. Scams like credit scams occurs all over internet, so before you make a purchase, check out the company, make contact whit them and se what they say. If they feels legit just go ahead and buy whit them, otherwise just back off and go to next company.

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Looking for online casinos?

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    This is the only page you need if you want to play at any candian casinos. This could bee your chance to win some extra money.

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    Is there any use for a Continental phone card?

    A Continental phone card is a card which you could use to make calls between countrys very easy and most of all cheap, you buy the cards prepaid and get good rates.

    When you buy a phone card online you will have a huge range of diffrent cards to choose from or compare rates between them. If you would need to retrive your PIN you can get it any time just by connecting to the internet and verify that it is your phonecard.

    This system is very good if you are a long way from home and need to stay in contact whit family or friends. The cards works in many diffrent countries, if your country is not on the list, it most likely will be added to the list in the future.

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    New Tech : Car body would work as a battery

    It´s said that Volvo is experimenting whit a new composite material, that would be able to store and release engergy more quickly then the common lithium-ion battery.
    These material that is behaving like a battery could in future bee used to build the car body, It also reduce the weight of the car whit the lightweight composite material.
    The ideas and project was unvieled at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

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    Found : King Herodes teather

    Researchers have found the teather of King Herodes the great in his palace just south of Israel. It´s a 7 x 8 meter big area that have been found high up in the teather whit place for 400 persons. According to Ehud Netzer a leading archelogist in Israel and one of the biggest experts on Herodes.

    Besides the teather the palace even had a pool, bath and gardens. After the death of Herodes his palace where used by jewish rioters as a fortress. Both palace and teather where destroyed by roman forces in the year of 71.

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