The 18 minutes that dissaperd

When the Watergate scandal started to rise in USA during the earli 1970s it was also discoverd that President Nixon had been taping his conversation in the White House, these tapes where used as evidence against Nixon in the Watergatecase.

Then it was discoverd that one tape had a 18 minutes hole, someone had recored over a part of a conversation that Nixon had whit Bob Haldeman,

On 8th of November 1973, Rosemary Woods, secretary of Nixon, told the press that she was the one responsible for erasing the tape., but she claimed that she was responsible for five minutes, which leaves fiften minutes that someone else had earsed.

Researchers that have studied the tape, says that it has been erased more than one time, so the one that did the erasing really wanted to hide the evidence in this case.s

But what could this tape have contained?
Whell it´s just speculations right now, but incrimidating evidence about Watergate. That would explain the precaution taken whit multiplie erasing, hopefully we will be able to know what could be so important to hide since researchers and experts says they probably could restore the tape in just a few years.