The biggest treasure found

A gold treasure worth 100000000000 dollars has been found in an ancient temple in India, local newspapper says.
Until recently the Sri Padmanabhaswamy-temple in the state Kerala ungarded, but the finding has changed this. The treasure contains of Gold, Silver, jewls and statues to a worth around 100 miljons dollar.
So far five vaults has been found behind the castle walls, a sixth vault has also been discoverd, and now researchers are trying to access the lastvault

There is technical problems opening the sixth vault, we are discussing all possiblies during a meeting on friday

Say the retired judge N M Kishan who leads the group of researchers. Acording to the temples logbook the vaults hasnt been opened in 136 years.
The temple has belonged to the Travancorefamily who sees themself as servants to the Padmanabhaswamy god, that was a incarnation of the hindugod Vishnu. Its guessed that the treasure was placed in the temple by the Travancore family.
Now the debate is going high about what will happened to the enormus treasure. If the state of Kerala is allowed to use the treasure, the state could cover their expenses for education in two and half year acordning to the newspapper Times Of India.
Acording to a spokesman for the temple the treasure belongs to the temple.

The treasures has been left in the temple by followers and belivers, it belongs to the temple. The goverment dosent have anything to do whit it.

Says P T Chacko spokesman for the temple.
Its now up to Indias supremecourt to rule out what will happened to the treasure, it will take place when the entire treasure is collected from the temple and its value is counted.