The fall of “Big Sweden”

During several hundreds of years Sweden had become a stro<>ng nation. After the battle of Poltava, it all changed.

1700 The big nordic war starts, Sweden is attacked by Russia, Denmark-Norway and Sachsen-Poland. Sweden wins over the koallition and forces everyone but Russia out of the war. Karl XII:s forces beats a superior russian army at Narva but Russia is still struggling.

1709 The battle of Poltava changes the power totaly, The army of Sweden is chrused and the country is suffering from a serious injury which the enemys can smell long way. Several nations enters the war against Sweden, which also have lost the control of Östersjön after many failed seabattles against the Danish-Norwegian navy.

1718 Karl XII attacks Norway, his plan is to force Denmark from the war so that he can focus on Russia. The attack is carefull planed, but ends when Karl XII is killed by a bullet at Fredriksten. Swedens new king start negoations of peace.

1721 The war is at the end. Sweden makes a bad peace and have to resign from their land i balticum and parts of finland which russia takes. Sweden also makes peace whit Denmark-Norway and several German states. Sweden is now a fallen nation, Russia has become the new supremepower.

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