The grave that dissapered

Where Alexander the great is burried is one of the biggest mysterys in the world.
After his death the body was balsamed, and a thugfight about the remains was started between Alexanders generals ,Ptolemaios brougtht the body to Alexandra in Egypt where the body was showed for a time.
Acording to the legend the casket was seetrough, Its said that the roman empire Augusts happened to break the nose of the corpse when he visited the grave.
Soon the masuoleeum was destroyed, probably during the 300-century.
Afterwards no one knows for sure what happened whit the body.
Some people belives that the body was brought to Siwaoase in the egypt desert, others claims to have found Alexanders grave in Uzbekistan or Pakistan.
A more intresting theori is that the mumie after Alexander was destroyed whit the masouleum.

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