The great train robbery in 1963

On the 8 of August 1963 a group of 15 persons hold up and rob the Royal Mail train from Glasgow to London, the thieves come across about $7 millions, the entire operation took about 15 minutes to carry out.
But it wasn´t that swiftly and stylish as you could imaging, for example the driver of the train where hit in the head and never fully recoverd, they didn´t either care about evidence, since they left fingerprints everywhere, but the press and the people liked the robbers and treated them like heroes.
Eventually the league was captured and senteced to prison, but the story didn´t stop there and it is for that people has remeberd the great Train Heist.
Ronnie Biggs, escaped from prison and was for many years on the run.

In 2001 Biggs gave up and turned him self in and left Brazil where he had been living and returned to England.
The reason that he turned him self in was because his falling health.

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