The holy grail

Today the holy grail have recived more of a fan status in books and movies.

But what does history tell us about it?

It´s not mentioned in the Bible, but first in mideval writings. acording to those writings is the holy grail a cup that was used to collect the blod under the cross of Jesus. But in other sources the grail is the cup of wine that Jesus shared during the last supper.
Acording to the book ”The Da Vinci mystery” is the grail not a item but the the children and grandchildren that Jesus got whit Maria Magdalena.

Where could it be?

Researchers have searched for the grail on many places in England such as Glastonbury Tor and Roslin Castle. But searches has also been done in citys like Istanbul, Genua, Valencia and parts of the US.

Could it be found?

There is no hard evidence that the grail ever existed, the first description of the grail is from the year 600 after Krist. And if it did exist its not probably that it would have been saved during the years.

Acording to rumors, the holy grail is one item that is said to be burried in the Money pit at Oak Island.