The new evidence about D.B Cooper

Recently newspappers revealed that FBI have gotten new clues about the identity of D.B Cooper. Now the evidence has been released.

It conserns Lynn Doyle Cooper who died in 1999, and is supposed to have been the famous hijacker.

It´s L.D Coopers niece Maria Cooper that has come forward speaking about a thanksgivingdinner in 1971 when two of her uncles planed something ”evil”. The men left for a turkeyhunt and when they come back uncle L.D was injured and she heard them say to her father that they had robbed a plane.

Maria was at the time 8 years old, so she dosen´t remeber what was said, but rembers the words:

Our moneyproblems are over, we just have to go back and get the money

. But it was just a couple of years ago she connected the memories whit the case of D.B Cooper.

A guitarband that belonged to ”L.D” was not enough to finger print analysis, so now FBI and the family are looking for more items to analysis.

The FBI has no idea how long it may take to find out if Uncle ”LD” were the same as ”DB Cooper