The new weapon of antipiracy – extradition

American authorities is demanding that a British student would be extradited to USA since he had linked to torrentsites on his homepage.

It all started in May and has gotten much critic about how hard the laws will be drawn. Richard O´Dwyers webpage wasn´t placed in USA, and no copyrighted contents was found on his page.

After he was visited by British police and people from american authorities last summer, he closed his homepage. But that wasn´t enough for USA, who continues to get in extradited.

It seems like as long the domain names is the american .com or .net the american goverment could get try to get someone extradited.

If Richard O’Dwyer would be judged guilty of copyright law in Britain, he could earn a maximum of two years imprisonment. But if he would be extradited to the U.S. he risks up to five years in prison.