The White ship

”The White ship” sank in 1120 and was one of that times biggest and finest ships. The ship was going to sail from Barfleur in Northern France to England, according to the story it was Prince William Adelin, son of King Henrik I, William Adelin would someday inherit the crown, along him was a big part of the leading English families onboard the ship. During the journey food and booze where heavly consumed, and all aboard become very drunk. The ship then went on a reaf, and all aboard execpt one drowned. Henrik I would have fainted when he heard the news and was never seen smiling again.

Where have it been searched?

Body did flush ashore during the weeks of the distaster in Normandie, but the wreck has never been found, even though its known where it sank.

Could it be found?

Possible, but parts of the wreakage has probably been removed by the strong waves in the area and other items that lives in the sea may have done their. But its possible to use todays equipment to find remains of the wreck.