What happened after: Milli Vanilli

Milli Vanili was a music group started in 1988 by Fran Farian, the persons in the band where Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus, the group went very whell and become of the most popular groups in the late 1980´s and early 1990´s. But then it all went backwards, they where awarded a Grammy in 1990, but it was revoked since it was discoverd that the lead vocals on the record wheren´t from Morvan or Pilatus.

After the discovery that Morvan and Pilatus didn´t sing for real, several lawsuits where launched against Morvan, Pilatus and their record company Arista Records.

In 1997 Farian started to produce a new Milli Vanili album, but there was problems from the start.

Pilatus had turned to a life of crime and drugs, serving time in a prison in USA for bankrobbery, Farian paied for his release and his ticket home to Germany.

On the day that the new album where promoted (April 2 1998) Pilatus where found dead, 32 years old) in Frankfurt after a overdose marijuana and vodka.

Rob Pilatus on findagrave

This was accutally not the first time that Frank Farian started groups which didn´t sing on stage or on tapes.

In the 1970´s Farian started a group (today world famous) which followed the same concept as Milli Vanilli, the lead singer didn´t sing, he was just miming to the music. Instead it was Farian that did the singing..

The group was Boney M

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