What was Bastilij´s part of the revulotion?

Bastilj was the royal prison in the middle of Paris, the prison was extremly hated by the people.
When the people demanded fair votingrules the king didn´t agree to their demands.
They wanted to remove the old way of voting that had been for many hundreds of years.

The people decided to form a own goverment togehter whit a couple of priests and lords that had turned to their side.
It got the name “nationalgathering”
Every one that was a part, toke a oth that never beeing seperated untill the king had agreed to the new law, which would have rules more fair about hosFrance would be run.
At last the king had to accept their demands.

News traveled fast in Paris that there where an uprising in the goverment, but no one thougnt that the king would leave the power by own freewill.

Then the king sent armed forces to Paris, in a effort to keep order, then the city exploded.
Workes where gatherd on the streets to support the new goverment fight against the king.

Then Bastilj where stormed in a hunt for weapons, the high comander in the prison where stabbed to death, then a unemployd cook got the privelege to remove his head from the body, the head where then moved through Paris on a stick in triumf.

The king where very much afraid about the storming, so he had his troups removed and his henchmen was fleeing the city.

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