Why you should live in Scotland

Scotland is a exciting country whit about five million people population. Scotland is guranteed to have something to suit everyone´s interests and tastes whit a great variety of sports, arts, entertainment and nightlife. Combined whit execellent education, jobs and leisure facilities.

Wheter you want to live in the big city or in the peaceful countryside and seaside towns. Scotland has it all whit stunning surrondings. In Scotland there is six major citys and there all in easy reach of each other and short distance from the Scottish countryside.

Scotland also has excellent transport services, by road, rail, air, or even if it is by ferry and underground, Which makes it very easy to travel around Scotland.

Scotland has fifteen excellent universitys and 45 other education colleges, some of them is are the oldest in the world and ranked among the best in the United Kingdom.

Some of the universities are: The University of Edinburgh, The University of Glasgow and University of St. Andrews, to these universities comes students every year from over 130 diffrent countries around the world.